BALYA had its own Nutritional Doctor Dr. Ivy Bullen, who was a Fellow in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine with the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. Lecturing on the guidelines and benefits of healthy nutrition at the Balya Retreats, and for nutritional consultation in relation to Cancer, as well as conducting Group Sessions as needed. Balya provides ongoing advice on diet and vitamin supplements as needed, and nutritional support is emphasized as a back-up to surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.


Dr Han's interest lies in the influence the mind has on the body in all its functions. Questions which are addressed in this context are:-

  • To what extent does the mind control the body?
  • Does the state of the body affect the mind?
  • Are there feedback loops and how can we maximize the effects of these?
Dr Han's programmes are based on this conceptual framework and have as their main objective the attainment of optimal health and maximum performance

Thoughts and beliefs can limit what people are really capable of achieving. Reality is defined by what we believe is possible and impossible. Certain beliefs about old age, for instance that it is associated with illness and disease, can impede recovery and healing. In the area of physical performance, many believe that the age of 35 was too old for Olympic performance. Yet Carl Lewis achieved what most people thought was impossible by winning the event and breaking the world record as well. Indeed numerous business clients of Dr Han initially insisted that at the age of 40 they were too old to learn new skills. Yet some of these clients have gone on through life to achieve more than they initially believed they were capable of.

Dr Han's programmes cover areas such as motivation, performance, stress management, causes of underachievement (of students, business people, athletes). In these programmes clients learn to work with their thoughts and beliefs at the conscious as well as subconscious level.

Therapy approaches include visualisation, active and passive meditation, changing thoughts and beliefs and affirmations.


  • Seminars and individual counselling
  • Cancer patients
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Students
  • Business people - all levels of management
  • Sports persons