Balya fosters community understanding and awareness of issues related to cancer in the community.

Balya has been built on foundations of sharing and caring. It is about support, education, self-empowerment and giving hope. Hope is what motivates us to make tomorrow a better day. It allows a person to live their lives despite cancer, to set goals and work towards achieving them.

Our Retreat program has been so successful that the demand continues to increase. With the right facilities we can help at least 500 patients and carers share this unique ‘time out’ experience every year.

In addition, hundreds of others will benefit from short courses in the medical, psychological, nutritional and self-help aspects of disease management, including relaxation techniques, fun, laughter and other therapeutic approaches. Preventative programs will also be available for those at risk of developing cancer.

More than 200 volunteers help make the support groups, Retreat services and educational information available to the public and have made Balya the viable and successful organisation that it is today. In addition the time and services of professional people such as Dr. Jason Han and our guest speakers, are offered on a pro bono basis. Now Balya needs your help to ensure the opportunity of a vibrant and full life for those living with cancer.