BALYA needs your help to raise a minimum $2,5 million for the completion of Phases II and III of the Retreat Complex. These phases include activity rooms and further accommodation to meet the demand. Donations over $2. are tax deductible and there are several ways in which you may like to consider contributing.

1. Donate to the Building Fund where your donation will be used directly towards this expansion, or to the General Fund that will be used to help cover the ongoing running expenses.

Naming rights on specific rooms in the existing complex are still available where a Donor wishes to make a substantial donation. For example, the kitchen, lounge, dining room and certain bedrooms are still available. Donations will be acknowledged on a plaque, prominently displayed, showing the name of the Company or individual donor. Naming rights are now open for specific rooms in the new Phases II and III developments.

2. Make a gift in kind such as equipment or furnishings needed for stages II and III.  You can find out exactly what is needed by contacting Balya.  A tax deductible receipt will be given for the value of any gift in kind donation you may make.

3. Consider leaving a legacy to Balya, which will in turn help the Western Australian community.

Potential donors should contact Dr Ivy Bullen or Dr Jason Han on 08 9244 2909, and as well donations can be made through the online account related to this website.  

With your generous support, Balya can continue helping patients achieve optimum health through professional care, love, friendship and support in a Retreat Complex dedicated to health, healing and happiness. The Retreats themselves are run by volunteers, apart from our one casual cook and cleaner once a month, and there are no unnecessary overhead costs. Speakers and facilitators are all volunteers, as is the huge team of kitchen helpers who give their time to Balya on a roster basis.

This project is tangible. The complex will be able to be used for decades to come, supporting, helping and caring for cancer patients, as well as educating those at high risk and those concerned about prevention. Your contribution will touch thousands of individuals in their fight for survival. For years to come people will be thanking you silently for giving them the power to manage their illness and for providing them with an extraordinary experience in a tranquil and peaceful setting.

You will give them the opportunity of an experience that equips them mentally and physically with the tools for managing their own health.

Your gift is a gift of hope.

The next time you are asked to give a donation to a Cancer organization, make the difference and consider Balya.

You will be helping those families to “live” their lives despite cancer, as well as helping others reduce their risks and achieving Optimum Health.