Here are literally hundreds of books on cancer positive thinking and healing. We recommend the following for patients to make a start:

A Positive Mind
Dr Jason Han PhD

In this book psychologist Jason Han has presented effective principles for working with the mind, which may be implemented by everyone. This book is about living life to the full and achieving to the highest level of one's potential.

The Ultimate Lesson
Dr Jason Han PhD

Love Peace and Healing
Dr Bernie Siejal MD

You Can Conquer Cancer
Dr Ian Gawler

Relaxation and the Immune System
Dr Ivy Bullen

Quantum Healing
Deepak Chopra

Tapes, Books and Christmas cards

Balya has on sale a selection of tapes, books and lovely Christmas cards at really very affordable prices. Tapes by PROF IAN BRIGHTHOPE taken from his talks at Murdoch Uni. on a variety of medical aspects including ADD etc. He concentrates on human nutrition and natural medicine, has many publications and has held substantial positions in nutrition and complimentary care. Jason Han's books on POSITIVE MIND and ULTIMATE LESSON. They make a great gift to a friend who feels lost in life. To top it in Children's gifts " THE GREAT CALATHUMPIAN TREE by Christine Freeman on Synchronisity. These are not all the items, so come in and browse!!